Anonymous:  Dan smith holds the secret to the universe in his eyes



“ DaMmiT HaNaAH!!!1!


message me a letter and i’ll give you my top 5 favorite songs starting with that letter

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everything i need in life

  • garlic bread
  • twenty one pilots

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I don’t even understand why band merch is so fricking fracking expensive. Like I’ve already sold you my sOUL AND MY SOCIAL LIFE AND MY EMOTIONAL STABILITY. I’VE DEDICATED MOST OF MY WAKING HOURS TO YOU WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT

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hannah hunt
gardener: some plants move
ezra: no way
ezra: no fuckin way
ezra: we didnt learn that in columbia
ezra: lol dumbass


if you blog about 

+The Cab

+The 1975




+Brand New

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