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  • Dan Smith (via lauhgterlines)

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  • "*sigh* What a beautiful day to ruin people’s lives by releasing a brand new song unexpectedly and without warning"
  • freddiekowan:

    my mum told me i should stop associating w ppl who swear. goodbye every1

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  • Hello OneRepublicans!


    I’m Maggie. I love OneRepublic, and I got obsessed with them over this summer after I saw them in concert. I’m here now on Tumblr. Please welcome me into the fandom, I don’t bite. :) Would you mind reblogging if you have an interest in the following?


    -maroon 5



    -fall out boy

    -the script

    -imagine dragons




    Thank you!

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  • dan introducing pompeii and forgetting will was in the band (via bastillleuk)

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  • "on the recording there’s a lot more backing vocals than just the three of us … four of us. sorry will."
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  • I came up with a theory about Vessel


    I feel like there’s a certain significance to the Vessel and the order of the songs and their meaning and everything. 

    I sort of came up with a theory that you might be able to relate to.

    (I really hope more than one person reads this)

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